D Gypsum and Lights(Malta) has been in the gypsum installation industry for over 17 years, providing quality craftsmanship and prompt service . Our dream was to create a one stop shop for any gypsum project . From the lights to the gypsum material to the tools needed - And today we are proud to say that we have succeeded in our aim. Today we import all our own range of products , making sure to import the best products for our customers under one roof . 

As direct importers , distributors and installers of all our our products, including the full range of gypsum material and lights, we take pride in choosing our products carefully ourselves. This way we can be sure that we are giving our customers the best quality products but also the best prices in the market . We always make sure to keep up with the trends and we continuously seek out new products and ideas to bring our customers the best product at a competitive price

Our main services include flat ceilings, bulk heads, partitions anything you mind can imagine... Gypsum is a flexible material which can create anything . In fact if you visit our shop you can see that everything can be done with gypsum .. including the desk where you will sit to take a quote. Our team is specialised in this field. Our gypsum installers have a vast experience in this sector . Our design consultant is also there to help you with your project requirements . We consider each project separetly from each other , giving it the individuality and personal touch each client wants to present in their rooms.

But what is a gypsum product without the appropriate light?  We make sure that all our light are CE certified and we provide a large variety of bulbs, varying from high lumens LEDS to energy saving bulbs to halogen.We offer different LEDs designed for different use. The angle , wattage and lumens are all decided according to the room where it is going to be used. We also have a large selection of fittings to choose from according to the room and style you want to present.  We take pride in choosing the new models that are launched each year  because we believe that every fitting is different and particular in itself just like our client's needs. It gives a statement  and it is the finishing touch in any gypsum product

 Honesty, integrity and quality are our main objectives. We strive for nothing less than to satisfy our customers and create the perfect settings.